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Marketing and Management of Luxury Markets

Luxury Incubator 


( #LuxuryIncubator )

This innovative program stands as a collaborative masterpiece crafted by Deepak Ohri and Anna Pietraszek for the select group of the MBA students at Florida International University's Chapman Graduate School of Business. The project serves as an intellectual journey, aiming not just to educate but to immerse students in the intricate tapestry of the luxury brand ecosystem.


At its core, this project functions as a sophisticated prism through which students explore the enigmatic world of luxury brands. It transcends geographical boundaries, offering an insightful examination into the metamorphosis of local artisans into global juggernauts, unveiling the layers of strategy, adaptability, and innovation involved in this evolution.

Drawing from the nexus of psychology and business acumen, the project illuminates the ethereal aspects that contribute to the mystique and allure of luxury brands. It discerns the artistry behind not just crafting products or services but sculpting an entire lifestyle and culture that resonates with discerning clientele worldwide.

Furthermore, by deconstructing the blueprints of successful luxury brands, this initiative functions as a guiding compass, delineating the uncharted territories of brand exclusivity, quality, and imaginative prowess. It provides a panoramic view of the industry landscape, dissecting the strategies and philosophies of market leaders, instilling in students an acute understanding of what propels these brands to the zenith of success.


Ultimately, the Luxury Incubator - MBA Project is an immersive expedition into the heart of luxury branding, arming future leaders with a profound comprehension of the intricate dance between innovation, consumer psychology, and business strategy necessary to orchestrate and steer the trajectory of successful luxury brands, shaping the very fabric of the industry's evolution.

The foundation of the project rests on the Ohri Luxury Index (#OhriLuxuryIndex), pioneered in 2020 by Deepak Ohri (All Rights Reserved).


Project Objectives:

  • Analyze and appraise the marketing strategies employed by luxury brands.

  • Compare and contrast the methods of entering the luxury market.

  • Evaluate the significance of luxury brands and spotlight their potential strengths and weaknesses.

  • Investigate the challenges and importance associated with customer acquisition, retention, and enhancing the customer experience.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and interpret trends shaping the global distribution of luxury goods.

  • Define the attributes characterizing luxury clientele and the luxury guest experience.

  • Analyze the perception of value in luxury goods.

  • Scrutinize recent advancements in global luxury markets.

  • Explore the management strategies integral to the luxury market.


Course Project:

A comprehensive exploration of luxury markets in the United States, featuring a comparative analysis across three sectors: hospitality, retail, and real estate.


Residency: March 26 - April 2 (New York City, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa).

Eight Inc. 



Robb Report

Wilshire Beverly Hills


Rose Cafe and Bakery 

South Coast Plaza

Bacio di Latte

Bear Flag Fish Company

 Students completed a hands-on project in groups examining, analyzing, and comparing the design and management of the luxury market and brands in three main sectors: design, hotel/hospitality, and retail industry.  

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