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Deepak Ohri's Book:
A Bridge Not Too Far 
Where Creativity Meets Innovation 


A Bridge Not Too Far - Where Creativity Meets Innovation explores how Deepak Ohri’s humble beginnings have fueled his innovative entrepreneurial spirit and have informed his deeply human-centered approach to business and to life. Read Ohri's thoughts on:

  • The true meaning of luxury lies not in a price tag but in an emotional experience for the consumer

  • How his restaurant training in America included key life lessons as well as business lessons

  • Why he insists that every customer be treated equally whether they are a celebrity or an unknown tourist – and that the same goes for every member of the hotel and restaurant staff

  • How he created one of the most famous rooftop restaurants in the world - the Sirocco at the lebua Hotel at State Tower in Bangkok

  • How he negotiated a unique marketing deal with the producers of Hangover II when they approached him about filming at the lebua Hotel at State Tower

  • How and why he is teaching luxury marketing and experiential learning at FIU’s (Florida International University) business school

  • His vision for the future of the luxury market and travel as we emerge from the shadows of the pandemic

In an industry where profit is often placed over people, Deepak Ohri is committed to compassion, care, and creating powerful emotional connections that can last a lifetime.

Deepak Ohri

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